The unique design of this hidden deck fastener works with all types of hardwood decking, and softwoods like cedar, as well as most composites and synthetics.

What makes The Deck Clip™ special?

We produce only metal hidden deck fasteners. Extruded out of 6063-T5 aluminum, The Deck Clip™ has a unique shape that allows it to grab both sides of the decking and holds it down like a miniature spring, keeping your deck boards tight forever.

The Deck Clip™ is the only one that works in our exclusive angled grooved decking.
With our coated stainless (#8) or carbon steel screws to eliminate stripped heads you get a combination that can’t be beat and costs less and is far stronger than plastic clips.

Why choose The Deck Clip™ hidden deck fastener?

Installing a hardwood deck can present some challenges. Having to deal with stripped out screw heads, broken bits, and screws pulling through plastic clips can make even a small project frustrating. The Deck Clip™ hidden deck fastener solves all these problems and gives you more strength and ease of installation than any other hidden deck fastener on the market. Rounded edges ease installation. The lobes on the bottom grip the board and allow movement both ways. You will be amazed at how easily these deck fasteners install and how tight these hidden deck fasteners hold.

Go ahead – you’re in a hurry – you want to get it done – so you just screw down that lovely decking from the top. Looks okay, until the cracks show around the screw heads, they loosen up, and the water starts soaking in around the screws discoloring the wood! Do it right the first time with The Deck Clip™ hidden deck fasteners. They install fast – hold the most stubborn woods – and look great when finished!

Don’t try to hold down that “iron wood” with a piece of plastic!

You wouldn’t use plastic fasteners to hold down your deck frame, or your house studs! Why use a plastic fastener to hold down a piece of decking, especially hardwoods. We have seen hardwood decking boards that are under stress shear off plastic clips! Not with The Deck Clip™! The wood will fail before this hidden deck fastener does! Isn’t that the way it should be?


The Deck Clip™ is the only guaranteed hidden deck fastening system out there!

The Deck Clip and Corrosion™

The The Deck Clip™ hidden deck fastener is manufactured out of the same grade of Aluminum used on marine applications worldwide and is coated with 2 coats of Magni-599 corrosion resistant coating. This combination passed a 1000 hr salt spray test , ASTM method B-117. You can be assured The Deck Clip™ hidden deck fastener will perform with any wood or composite. Aluminum bolted down with stainless steel is used often on offshore drilling rigs and they last for decades. Dealer Inquiries are welcomed.

Still not convinced?

Before you buy any other brand of hidden deck fastener call me, Jim Guffey, and I will tell you why The Deck Clip™ is the only guaranteed hidden deck fastening system out there! Ask any other brand about their guarantee!

For samples, prices and more information contact Wood Haven Inc. at 1-800-545-8884 or 785-597-5618 or email