For a smooth, professional, fastener free appearance, use the Deck Clip™ hidden fastener on your deck!

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Are you going to hold down your new ironwood deck with a piece of plastic? Get the hidden deck fasteners that really work.

  • Our hidden deck fasteners require no pre-drilling and no messy adhesives
  • Carbon or stainless steel square-drive screws included
  • Decking is held much tighter than with plastic clips
  • Clips allow for the inevitable movement all deck wood experiences
  • Works with all types of hardwood decking, most composites, synthetics and softwoods
  • The Deck Clip is versatile and can be used with different board widths
  • Requires NO screwing into your deck boards

The Deck Clip comes in standard packs of 175 clips and screws per jar along with 10 extra screws for starter and finishing boards, drivers and instructions for installation. One jar of deck clips will fasten 100 square feet of 6″ decking on 16″ centers or 150 square feet on 24″ centers.

Single Packs


8-Unit Pro Pack

  • FREE ground shipping in the continental U.S.


Works with no pre-drilling, no adhesives, no plastic clips—no kidding.

Designed to secure deck boards while remaining completely hidden.
Keep the focus on the project, not on the fastener.

Natural Wood Decking

All of our deck boards are hand-sorted to remove defective boards and are conditioned to the proper moisture level. Decking options include ipê, garapa, cedar, cypress and others. We can supply you with 5/4″x6″, 4/4″x6″, 5/4″x4″, or 4/4″x4″. We also offer factory finish options.

For samples, prices and more information contact Wood Haven Inc. at 1-800-545-8884 or 785-597-5618 or email