Is there a legal standard or definition if a product is to be called ͞Green͟? As far as I know there isn’t any, we see it on so many products and I just can’t wrap my head around it. So..

Here is my definition of a 100% Green building material-

This building material above consumed no fossil fuels to make or transport. Is completely sustainable and biodegradable. Not much out there in the western world that compares with this!
Maybe we should say … “Greener”?

Like using sustainable harvested wood material is “Greener” than using concrete or steel. We see a lot of products that have fairly large carbon footprints that incur international shipping, sometimes from south America to Europe and then to the US, or are made in countries with little if any environmental controls labeled as “Green”!

Is a Bamboo product that was fertilized and sprayed for insects and then manufactured with dirty electricity and shipped across the Pacific “Greener” than oak flooring or Cedar Siding made and sourced from sustainable sources in the US? I have seen both with the “100% Green” label.

They are worlds apart in total energy consumption and biodiversity. Virtually all our eastern hardwood forests are healthy, harvested sustainably and have a biodiversity far exceeding that of a farmed Bamboo forest. Our Pacific Northwest forests are well managed and will provide timber far into the future.