Finding A Better Way Since 1981

The roots of Wood Haven reach back 36 years to a garage in a small town in Iowa, providing a wealth of experience in many types of specialty woodworking and millwork. Starting with antique and architectural restoration in the ‘80s and then morphing into one of the most unique large-volume woodcraft manufacturers in the ‘90s—and now settling into exterior millwork specializing in a complete rainscreen system. The ability to manufacture not only the wood components but to design and build specialty support equipment sets Wood Haven apart from the competition.

Responsive + Innovative = Wood Haven

Several years ago, we started selling hardwood decking with hidden fasteners to install with the wood. Customers liked the hidden aspect of the fasteners but found the cost and the slow installation of the plastic fasteners cumbersome.

Two things needed to be considered:

  1. Plastic fasteners were frustrating to install because they didn’t hold as tightly as needed.
  2. Metal alternatives were too costly and made installation difficult because they required you to work from below the deck.

We spent a year coming up with a solution to these two problems. Trying different materials and designs, we came up with a metal fastener that is easier to install, holds the decking very tight, and is cost-effective.

Add a few more years and an architect asks us to figure out a way to install hardwood siding in a rainscreen style with hidden fasteners. Four months and a couple of prototypes later we had the The Rainscreen Clip™ system. With the variety of compatible woods, the ease of install, and the clean, contemporary look, we are confident that The Rainscreen Clip hidden fasteners will exceed your expectations.

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