Garapa is a Brazilian hardwood that is a beautiful light golden yellow with a medium luster and a fine grain.

Native to South America, garapa is a golden wood with graining that appears to change between dark and light shades when viewed from different angles. It is an especially strong and durable wood, typically very scratch resistant with the ability to hinder fungi and insects. And despite a high density, garapa offers fairly easy workability.

Fire Resistance

NFPA Class* UBC Class**
A 1

* NFPA is the National Fire Protection Association

** UBC is the Uniform Building Code

Density and Buoyancy

Garapa Janka* rating – 1700 lbf

Average weight is 50 lbs./cu. ft.

Specific gravity is 0.86

* The Janka rating is a measure of the amount of force required to push a .444″ diameter steel ball half way into a piece of wood.


Garapa glues well and is very stable once glued.  It cuts, nails, and screws well without a tremendous blunting effect on tools.


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