The term “mahogany” is thrown around a lot, much like cedar, but we only use it to describe authentic mahogany.

Typically found in Central and South America, we’ve sourced our mahogany from quality farms in Fiji. This equally magnificent mahogany has a more varied grain pattern because of the younger tree ages, but it is an equally beautiful and durable wood that would enhance the exterior or interior of any building—plus, it is reasonably priced compared to the rarer Latin American or Honduran varieties.

Fire Resistance

NFPA Class*

* NFPA is the National Fire Protection Association

Density and Buoyancy

Mahogany Janka* rating – 900 lbf

Average weight is 37 lbs./cu. ft.

Specific gravity is 0.52

* The Janka rating is a measure of the amount of force required to push a .444″ diameter steel ball half way into a piece of wood.


Typically very easy to work with tools: machines well. (With exception to sections with figured grain, which can tear out or chip during machining.) Slight dulling of cutters can occur. Sands very easily. Turns, glues, stains, and finishes well.


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