Proprietary Bidding Specifications for The Rainscreen Clip™ System hidden fastener for wood rainscreens.

The Rainscreen Clip™ System is a complete rainscreen wood siding system.

It consists of specially milled wood attached to pre-drilled furring strips with our proprietary aluminum hidden fastener. The Rainscreen Clip™ System comes complete with all necessary hardware. Trim and corner boards are also available.

Widths thicknesses and repeats

Standard widths are nominal 1 x 4 and 1 x 6 material yielding a repeat or 3 inches and 5 inches respectively.

Other widths and thicknesses are available upon special request and is to be noted in all correspondence.

The Rainscreen Clip™ System is available exclusively from Wood Haven Inc., 401 Bridge street Perry KS 66073

Every System Includes:

  • Pre-drilled, rot-resistant furring boards.
  • Patented, painted, marine-grade aluminum Rainscreen Clips and screws.
  • Wood rainscreen siding in your choice of wood species, finish, gap, and size (FSC Certified where available).
  • Factory finish available (primed with the first coat of a two-coat system).
  • Matching wood window & door trim as well as other architectural millwork such as louvers and soffits are also available.

Below you will find documents to help you in your planning & installation. All are available in .DWG format.

Three Part Specification for Wood Rainscreen
5" Standard Gap Panel
5" No Gap Panel
3" Standard Gap Panel
3" No Gap Panel
Rainscreen Corner Detail
Rainscreen Window-Door Detail
Horizontally Installed Rainscreen
Vertically Installed Rainscreen
Tongue & Groove for Soffits, Ceilings & Overhangs 3″ or 5″
Rainscreen Wall Installation Detail

For samples, prices and more information contact Wood Haven Inc. at 1-800-545-8884 or 785-597-5618 or email