Many domestic woods can be thermally modified to make them rot resistant and more stable. Ash and Southern Yellow pine are the most common but White Oak and Hackberry work well too. Available raw or pre-finished for a stunning look, with no added chemicals..

What is thermally treated wood?

For Wood Haven products, ash and hackberry undergo a thermal treatment process—adding no chemicals, but resulting in a wood that is natural and non-toxic while resistant to rot, fungi, and insects.

Thermally treated wood is ideal for use in high humidity and moisture areas like poolside or in basements, kitchens, and bathrooms.

The appearance is impressive too! The thermal treatment process enhances the wood’s color creating an even brown tint that is consistent beyond the surface. In fact the color is consistent to the very center of the board!

Are heat treated and thermally treated wood the same?

No! Heat-treated wood refers to wood that is heated to 130° F. This is done to kill insects and their larva that might be in the wood. Thermally treated wood, on the other hand, is heated beyond 400° F using a special process that controls both heat and moisture levels, changing the molecular structure of the wood.

Almost all thermally treated species are available as FSC Certified products.

Wood Haven Advantage: Pre-drilled Furring Strips

Thanks to customer requests and valuable feedback from builders and carpenters who work with our products in real-world applications, we offer pre-drilled furring strips. Why?

  • Faster installation
  • Improved alignment
  • Fewer errors and reduced material damage
  • Fewer punctures of water-proof membrane

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